Jamie Dimon On Revenge

Jamie Dimon On Revenge

Postby drlynch on Tue Jul 08, 2008 1:32 pm

Jamie Dimon is CEO of Morgan Chase. I knew nothing about him until last night when I saw and interview with him on "The Charlie Rose Show". This comment I left on the Rose Show site:

I become more and more skeptical of everyone and I am not a fan of the corporate world. That said we all live in a world not of our choosing and do what we do. Mr. Dimon given what he does impressed me. I hope he "walks the talk", so many don't.

Whoever he is otherwise and however many might perceive (I know only what I saw last night)him he said one astounding thing and that is he did not believe in revenge. He said it almost and maybe even at the cost of embarrassing Charlie as Charlie kinda pushed it; want wanted him to say he felt revenge in his success after being fired. This is a man who, I believe, knows himself. To move on. To take joy in accomplishment and bring others along. We hope.

The other thing that rang true and that has already been mentioned above is his refusal to play the game of "know it all". From his opening response, I believe it was about the economy being unfathomable, he caught my attention. I don't think this is what share holders want to hear from their CEO, that he doesn't understand what is going on. But he then went on and educated us. He did this several times, admitting his insecurity and ignorance and making us feel that it was ok.

I would like to know more about him.

Addendum.. I also remember him saying that Emotional Intelligence was more important than I.Q.. again something unusual.
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