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Postby drlynch on Mon Apr 21, 2008 8:04 pm

Google "Quote For The Day" 4/21/2008:

I think computer viruses should count as life. I think it says something about human nature that the only form of life we have created so far is purely destructive. We've created life in our own image.
- Stephen Hawking

Was Stephen just having a bad day? Pretty sour words.

I will use it as a segway to my experience with getting this board going. My experience is by no means unique but I just want to use it to try and make some observations and I hope maybe get some comments. When there are elephants in the room I like to point them out. Now of course those elephants need to be pointed out for a reason as they are "not noticed" . Or "disavowed" by many. So many here might disagree with my elephant(s).

I do want to be "positive" and the mer existence of the board is testament to that but I hope this history and observation serves some purpose.

The existence of computer viruses and spam is of no surprise to people. Try putting up an bulletin board however. The destructive forces are quite astounding. One subject would be is why is it that? What might seem like a simple thing like putting up a board like this turned out to be over a two year saga?

There are now few traces of this history but the board was closed to registrants for more than two years as spamers where reregistering at a very fast clip. I did not have the expertise to stop them. 90 per cent where of the porn variety.

Now this has fascinated: the overwhelming amount of sexual content and the varied nature of it. My thought is a logistical one and that is you have to have 1) money 2) computer expertise 3) time 4) the complex personality mix of exploiting sexuality in an aggressive and if not most times pathological way. Quite a combination.

Now why was I not able to "fix" the board. 1) I was not going to invest money in it is "pro bono" and I really do not have funds to give to it anyway. 2) I was not going to go out on the "net" and give my password to some unknown.

So in the interim I was left to my own devices and did fix things to the point to where registrants could register but could not register their web sites. I ended up with close to 4,000 registrants by the time things where resolved.

Now compare that with the fact that for over two years the lead announcement on the board was a plea for help to fix the board. In all that time I got not one suggestion. Not one so a ratio of 4000/0 . Maybe Hawking is right? Or am I missing something?

How did it get fixed? Well a patient who is a professional software coder tried first and then learned the difference between this code and what they where working with and learned from that. They apologized and then sent me to a great site that I now highly recommend called Rrent-a-coder. There I made a bid and got a very reasonable offer and found a extremely competent and friendly coder who fixed everything for 55 dollars. So there is a Santa I guess. But over two years to get here.

So now onward and upward? But to where? What can be expected? It is believed by me and by many that Silvan S. Tomkins provides us with the most positive theory ever devised by man. The most applicable universal theory yet so little is being done with it still 18 years after his death.

Some say it takes time and many are not known in their life times. Well, that really is not true. The overwhelming majority of great minds are recognized in their time.

Yet, we try. Here on this board I am obviously trying to demonstrate the breath and depth of the theory and its applicability.

Please whether you have been personally invited or not consider registering. Please if you are involved with Tomkins in any way consider registering. I think you get the point. I hope it does not take two more years to get a decent amount of registrants and conversation going.

So far I have to be somewhat pleased with the registrations.

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