In The News: Stripped of Sanity

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In The News: Stripped of Sanity

Postby drlynch on Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:01 pm

In The News: Stripped of Sanity

Stripped of Sanity

COMMENT by Brian Lynch:

A short narrative about being humiliated as a suspected terroist.

The start of the article:

Stripped Of Sanity
As a person of South Asian descent, the odds are always against me at any airport when it comes to security measures and the dreaded SSSS stamp—selected for secondary screening—on my boarding pass. It means you are a suspect, a potential terrorist, a person with suicidal tendencies who could take the whole plane down in a blaze of glory. This is based on information, database comparison from intelligence agencies etc. A few passengers are also randomly picked up for additional screening and I have been the chosen one every time.
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