Mexican art lovers and mural aficionados

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Mexican art lovers and mural aficionados

Postby drlynch on Sun Feb 05, 2012 9:12 pm

Mexican art lovers and mural aficionados and anyone that just likes a
pleasing picture. I am happy to announce the publication of :
"The Murals of The Mezquitán Cemetery Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico" by
Brian Lynch [Hardcover]
Short blog entry with short video of sampling of interior @


Book Description

In 2001 the exterior walls of Guadalajara's Mezquitán Cemetery where
enhanced with a large mural. In an agreement between the University of
Guadalajara (U d G) and the City of Guadalajara some 100 visual arts students were
invited to paint 2500 square meters of space to create a huge mural. This
book recreates that mural which unfortunately has fallen on bad times. The
painting is inspired, in part, by a folk tale about a race to the cemetery by
two families for the privilege of having a family member buried there and
claiming the prize of the first burial plot free of charge. The race was
between a rich and a poor family. The poor family having only the sweat of
their brow lost as the rich family had access to a carriage. But this is only
the starting point as the mural was truly a community project involving
financial support from the government, numerous student painters and many
suggestions from the community concerning thematic input, from furtive loves
to a car accident. I hope the recreation of these images encourages the
continued practice of the mural art form and encourages the viewer and reader
to search out original murals for viewing.

Short blog entry with short video of sampling of interior @


Amazon address is : ... 097&sr=1-1

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