I am educated as a Family Physician. This is a residency of three years duration after medical school. I had contemplated psychiatry which is a four year training after medical school. There are many reasons I chose Family Medicine.

I mention this as it is obvious that this forum has, at first glance, little to do with "medicine".

That I believe would be a mistaken notion. I came to the "psychology" and the "emotional" side of medicine due to the fact I more and more saw the mind and body as one thing. This lead me to the study of psychology/psychiatry and ultimately to Silvan Tomkins.

One drive has always been to really try and integrate what we see as medicine of the body and medicine of the mind. This, I believe, Tomkins does better than anyone so far. That said I thought it time to offer some of my thoughts and invite others to comment on some more "physical" aspects of medicine.

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