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Dr. Brian LynchI dedicate my practice almost entirely to substance-abuse and of that mostly to the use of buprenorphine(Suboxone, Zubsolv). I am limited to the number of patients I can see and I limit my patient number, voluntarily, to less than that number in order to give a higher quality of care.*It is if you want maximum privacy.


  • It is if you want a nonjudgmental supportive atmosphere. Please watch this TED talk to get an idea of my philosophy:  Click Here
  • It is if you would like, to the best of our ability to provide such, a secure fixed time for your appointment.
  • It is if you feel you need to explore why you got into trouble in the first place.
  • This is well-suited for the professional or executive as well as a broad range of other candidates.
  • This is for you if you find downtown Chicago convenient.
  • We appreciate that there are many who become addicted through being prescribed opiates during MEDICAL TREATMENT and that there can be a lot of confusion and guilt related to this.


This is also a practice for you if you are uncomfortable with the traditional approaches to these matters including  the 12 step program although much of it is useful and valid. Or if you have not had success with what is called cognitive behavioral therapy or you're tired of people judging you and blaming you. I work with a very reputable and recognized alternative material.

I want a partnership where the goal is to understand, in some deep fashion, why you came to be in trouble and with the aide of medication, come to a stable life.

This is not a practice for you if you come into it thinking that this is a rapid process or can be a rapid process. I will qualify that statement by saying that people that have quickly realized that they have a problem after using opiates for, let's say, less than six months, may be able to get by with a two or three week taper of the bupernophine. Whether one would then want to continue to explore, through psychotherapy, why they got in trouble in the first place, would be open to discussion. The above scenario only happens about in 1 of 20 or 1 of 30 patients.

This is also not a practice for you if you looking for someone to handle your insurance. I will provide an invoice with the coding for you to submit the bill yourself. You would be able to expect, from a decent insurance, anywhere from 30 to 60, and in rare cases, 80% back from your out-of-pocket expense. This approach to insurance is not only a practical matter for the practice, but I see it as an essential part of therapy. It is a show of good faith, a show that one is willing and ready to invest in their recovery.


Dr. Brian Lynch



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