Chicago Suboxone Clinic

Opiate Addiction Recovery & Therapy

Opiates deserve special attention when choosing to quit. They are especially difficult to kick without Suboxone.  It is the fear of physical withdrawal and emotional turmoil, combined with its having altered the brain’s chemistry, that keeps one stuck in a vicious cycle of use. We will give them their due - these obstacles are manageable - and then move on...
There is a way out. For the last 8 years a medication has been available that can be given by prescription and can have you feeling well in 24 hours.  It is possible to overcome heroin addiction without feeling the prolonged physical agony of withdrawal and without disrupting your life - without missing work, even.  Painfree detox

The Lynch M.D. Chicago Suboxone Clinic Benefits:

  • No waiting in line,
  • Complete anonymity,
  • Affordable office based care,
  • Conveniently located for Chicago residents,
  • Care structured to recover without disrupting your life.

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